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Saving the planet is high in demand right now. We are all conscious about being green, eating healthy and recycling. But it can be challenging to pursue sustainability, as we are always trying to improve our way of living, working, and building.

One of the biggest differences you can make in going green is building sustainable dwellings. Therefore, we are a firm believer if you build a good sustainable house, then you’re doing justice to yourself and the environment. Generally speaking, you build for a better future!

Currently there are predictions in the media that energy prices will rise over the next few years. In fact more people are turning to greener energy options. This is because of owing to the rising costs of gas and oil. More key points are the concern over carbon emissions and greater levels of awareness of alternative solutions.

ELH CONSTRUCTION is focused on modern methods of construction and build concepts to address a healthier lifestyle and low energy living in a tropical climate. With this in mind, green building techniques will reduce your energy costs. Achieved by using green building materials, good ventilation, and natural lighting. Coupled with energy and water efficient appliances to also take their part in decreasing your overall running costs.

Benefits of green building techniques

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Eco-friendly construction

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Why should you build a sustainable building?

For so many reasons… a few below

8 Reasons Why You Should Go Green:

1. Low maintenance and operation cost

Green buildings incorporate special construction features to guarantee productive use of natural resources and energy. Good lighting strategies is key for green developments to be able to reduce the amount of power used in lighting systems. Sustainable buildings may be slightly more costly than their non-green partners, but the reduced operation and maintenance costs of green dwellings saves a lot in the long haul.

2. Energy Efficiency

Trying to minimise the usage of energy from non-renewable sources such as coal. Eco-friendly building methods come into place. These green building techniques can be surprisingly easy such as installing solar panels or placing windows efficiently to receive as much as possible natural light. Therefore, energy efficiency is fundamental for the whole world as non-renewable energy sources are costly and contaminate our earth.

3. Indoor quality environment

Conditions inside a dwelling can influence their occupants. These particular conditions are determined by lighting, ergonomics, thermal actions and air quality. Good quality performance of the  indoor environment is part of eco-friendly building techniques. Creating a healthy, comfortable and productive environment, by reducing stress and improving their quality of life.

4. Water efficiency

Using water resources responsible and with this ensuring that today and our future generations enjoy a reliable source of clean water. Sustainable building techniques take into consideration the usage of alternative sources of water. For example, collected rainwater can be filtered, purified and installed on shared water resources through the dwelling. Consequently, we enable recycling and a more sustainable way of water usage.

5. Better health

People who live and work in green buildings appreciate numerous health advantages. This is because safe, eco-friendly materials used. Hence when building sustainalbe we abstain from using plastic side-effects that have been found to discharge harmful materials.

6. Material efficiency

Part of eco-friendly building techniques is the conscious usage of building materials with minimum waste. Compromising the building quality. All things considered, the building process should use as little building materials as possible. Recycled, reused and long lasting products are mainly the builders choice. Consequently, deploying the practice of using less water, raw materials and energy.

7. A better environment

By decreasing the usage of energy sources that contaminate the earth, like coal, sustainable building techniques add to keeping our nature clean. Likewise, by diminishing the levels of carbon (IV) oxide carried into the air, they help to lessen the pace of climate change.

8. Responsibility of local resources

Our population is expanding, local shared resources, such as water and energy, go under great duress but sustainable building can diminish this strain. Through sustainable build technologies and procedures, we are increasing longevity, water and energy efficiency.

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